Sunday, September 27, 2015

Organized Chaos

My MTC District

My MTC Companion - Hermana Haddock

My MTC Companion - Hermana Haddock

Hermana Courtney Shumway
(This is her roommate from college @ USU)

I cant believe that I have already been here at the CCM (Mexico MTC). Its really weird because it seems like I have been here for more than a week but at the same time it has been a very very VERY long week. there is so much to say and so if the email is scattered I apologize haha. Hmm I will start with traveling here. That was so awesome. There were like 40 missionaries that all flew together. It was nice to know we were all in it together. The flight was normal. nothing too exciting. Arriving in Mexico though was kinda really crazy. We had to wait in this crowded area for immigration/customs. there were only about 12 sisters in our generation, which means that reported on September 16th. they are all so fun and from all over. Its like college all over again.  speaking of college, that night I saw Hermana Courtney Shumway!!!! Oh man that was absolutely the best. I thought I wouldn't see here for awhile but there are only about 450 missionaries here and we have the same meal schedule/work out time so we see each other everyday. Its AWESOME! 

Meals. Well it is indeed mexican food. Let me establish though that it is not american style mexican food. It either looks super great or super questionable. But the good thing is that there is always cereal as an option. And if you know me well you would know that I LOVE cereal, so Ive had a lot of that.  also tuesdays we have pizza. actual american pizza. I wanted to cry from happiness. BEST DAY EVER.

My companion is great. She is from Bountiful, Utah but we have yet to discover a person that we both know. we are determined to find one. We laugh all the time. it is fantastic. She is super tall and well... Im short. we live in a casa with another sister companionship. they are dang hilarious. every night we just have a hoot and a half.  No problems at all with anything. Its like a perfect situation. Except the beds are rock hard. after a long day though they feel like a cloud.   my district is also super cool. Hma Haddock and I are the only sisters in our district., but that makes it fun. 

We are busy all the time. it is studying non stop. you would think that it gets boring but it actually doesnt. I LOVE it.  Probably because I am studying the gospel and really just soaking in all I can. 

Spanish. Well its hard. do I remember anything from the 3 years I took of spanish you ask? ummm not really. The reason its hard is because our teachers are native so they speak spanish to us ALL THE TIME. We all look like deers in headlights.  I guess the best way to learn is to dive head first into the culture.

It is BEAUTIFUL here. Weather is perfection.  It did rain a bunch during the first 3 days probably.  Now its sunny and Im just living the dream here. I couldnt be happier!

At night we hear a lot of either gunshots or fireworks....we have yet to determine that. also there are always police sirens. Im not exaggerating at all.  Mexicans like to party on saturday nights and we can hear them cranking up their music and shooting off fireworks (hopefully).  We sometimes hear loud canon type noises and it makes us feel like we are in the hunger games :)

I absolutely love the CCM. so many friendships that are starting and I am learning soooooo much! I know this is where I need to be!!

thank you all for your love and support! 

Hermana Katrina Cross

p.s. if I didnt use an apostrophe thats because I have no idea where it is on this spanish keyboard  :)