Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Returning to the Fold

Another week come and gone! It was a different week that's for sure. It did have it's rough spots. 16 months later and it's true, I still have hard days! Life has it's ups and downs but it all depends how we react to these moments. 

Last week I forgot to mention that I am currently in a trio! I never thought I would be in one! A sister missionary returned to the mission last week. She has one year in the mission, but returned home last cycle due to personal family issues. I admire her a ton for her willingness to continue to serve the lord with all she has. It's been a transition a little bumpy just because teaching with a third person is a little different haha. we get along well and I know that the Lord wants me to learn a lot. I fasted last Sunday for humility and shortly after, President called and said we would be in trio. I know it's an opportunity to be more humble and see how I can improve. It blow my mind how much I have learned. It's so awesome!!!

This week I actually didn't spend much time with my two companions because we had our exchanges that were very much needed. I LOVE them so much. I have seen change in these sisters and I've seen change in myself. I know that God hears so many of my prayers. And even the deepest desires of my heart are answered through those around me. 

We had a our first Conference of sister missionaries this week. It was awesome not seeing any elders
All the Hermanitas in the Mission!
hahaha! Only President was there and that was something we all needed. The words that were shared were very inspired and they helped me remember who I am and the potential I have. Being with my fellow sisters is something that words cannot describe. Change is happening in every single sister missionary. At the end we all stood up and said the YW theme. The power of the spirit was strong. To stand up and say that we are daughters of a heavenly father who loves us and we love him is incredible. that is who we are. We are children of God. OF GOD!!! An eternal and powerful being whose love is infinite,  whose love was the motivation to send us His son Jesus Christ to mark the path that we should take. 

I understand more what the love of God really is. On Saturday Allison, the little 10 year old that is from a part member family, was baptized! It was just wow. She was so prepared. I can't even begin to tell you how happy I was that day. I felt overwhelmed with the spirit. There were many tears of happiness. to see this family go from way less active to super active in the church is more than I could ever ask for. It was a rescue trip. Not only for them, but also for us. they hold a special place in my heart.

My dear family and friends, I love you soooo much. I know this is the true church. When we share our testimonies, the same testimony grows and is strengthened. there is always hope. Never give up on those that have wandered from the path. Christ leaves the 99 for the 1 lost sheep and carries that one home. have a great week!!! LOTS OF LOVE AND PRAYERS!!!!!
Hermana Cross

My Mission Posterity!
Intercambios....we climbed a bunch of stairs, so of
course it was necessary to take a selfie ;)

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Super Heroes Can't Compare

Hello family and friends!!!

What a week! Every week is going by a little faster. But it's okay! It means that the Lord's work is progressing! Even when we don't see the fruits of our labor, we can feel how the work is moving. But I'm not going lie here, we are seeing the fruits. Wow God loves his children so much. This week there were some major testimony builder experiences.  

To begin, we weren't able to see Nancy a ton. When we saw her we tried to figure out what was happening and as a conclusion, we can see that she, like a lot of us, keeps a lot bottled up inside. But it was wonderful to teach that we can trust in God and talk with him like our best friend. Teaching about the atonement is my favorite part about being a missionary. We can give everything to Christ. He takes the chains of burden and pain gladly away from us. He wants us to be HAPPY! And only trusting in the power of the atonement can we really experience this happiness. Also, meeting her has given us the chance to meet her sister and her sisters family. That is a major blessing. They are prepared and man I'm excited to see what happens!!! 

This week was originally the baptismal date of Nancy but even though she's not going to be baptized, we are having a baptism!!!!! For a while now we have been teaching a less active family and their 10 year old daughter Allison. Allison is FANTASTIC. This family has progressed so much. They went from a very less active family to an active family that wants to do all they can to progress. The only problem was that the dad has been waiting to receive the priesthood again. Allison wanted to wait for him to be baptized and her brother wanted to wait to receive the priesthood. In the beginning we agreed thinking it would be a good idea to strengthen the family. But realizing they are strong and progressing we talked with them about baptism only being the gate and there are more opportunities. And guess what? Marlon, the brother, now has the priesthood and Allison is going to be baptized this Saturday!!! I'M SO HAPPY!!!! God is doing incredible things every single day! 

Finally, a very special experience.  We went to visit our recent converts and they are not in a good situation. Julio Hijo cut open his foot about a week ago and can barely walk and Vero is passing some hard times with her husband and work. Hermana P and I had the same idea and started teaching about the priesthood and priesthood blessings. Julio wanted one and we called a brother to come and help us. He was actually sleeping and decided to accept this invitation. So before he showed up, we explained to Vero that she too could have a blessing but that she would have to ask because it is according to her faith, not ours. So this brother, wow the blessing her gave Julio was perfect. He blessed with him health but then made a pause and began to bless him with the strength to withstand the bullying in school. Not even something the brother knew. Then, as we was about to leave Vero said "Hermano..." and he immediately knew that she wanted a blessing. The blessing was incredible. I can't even explain in written words the power of that blessing. It was AMAZING. so inspired because he doesn't even know Vero. Not even one bit but said every thing she was going through and what she needed to do. I was crying, my companion was crying and Vero was crying. My testimony of the priesthood has grown soooo much. I know that the priesthood is real when the brother is worthy and trying hard every single day to fulfill his priesthood duties. God gives so much to us even though we are imperfect. It really is the power of God here on the earth. It amazes me. This power is better than what ever super power the world can offer.  I'm beyond grateful for the restoration of the gospel. It brings so much more than I could ever comprehend. Every day I see a new blessing that comes from it.

Blessings blessings and more blessings. I can't say more than that. I know you all are receiving them too. We just have to open our spiritual eyes and look. They are there just waiting for us :) have a great week!!! LOVE YOU ALL!!!!

Hermana Cross

Thursday, January 12, 2017

A member testimony

Hello lovely family and friends of mine!

What a week this was! I don't remember every single detail that happened but I will fill you all in. And it looks like I haven't been the best about keeping you all updated on investigators and recent converts and sorry about that! Sometimes I don't really organize my thoughts very well haha.  

This week was AMAZING....but I think every week gets a little better haha. Hermana Pineda and I had the GREAT opportunity to have 2 special members come do visits with us. These 2 members were the daughter in law and granddaughter of President and sister Kimball! It was AWESOME. It was so fun working with them for a couple of hours. It felt really different to speak in English with normal people but man it was so incredible. They don't really speak Spanish but that didn't stop them from sharing their testimonies. Wow guys, it's soooo cool to hear these testimonies from members. I am always flat out amazed at the conversion a member has. Their words penetrate my heart. Really they just get to me. I don't understand how, but it seems to be that members feel power from missionaries but we as missionaries feel the power of faithful and diligent members. Our hearts feel with love and joy as we hear the real experiences and testimonies that come from members of the church that want to live the gospel every day.  We all may speak different languages in the world but the one thing we all understand is the language of the spirit. He doesn't have a specific language but talks to all of us so that we can understand. And well that brings me to our investigators :) 

When we were with Tanya (daughter in law) and Haly (granddaughter) we passed by the house of our German investigator who speaks English. We thought it would be cool for the sisters to meet Jenny. But what we did not expect was the priceless visit it was for Jenny. She's great. has questions of the soul. She really wants to know the truth. So we just asked Tanya and Haly to share their testimonies. Tanya chose to testify of the Book of Mormon and while she did so, Jenny's eyes filled with light. She had a smile on her face and was just sooo amazed by Tanya's words. I too felt the truthfulness of her words. It was exactly what Jenny needed. After Jenny said "I believe you. I cant wait to say the same things that you do." WOW. SOOO COOL! The power of a testimony is just wow. And they weren't prepared to say anything specifically. We need to always be prepared to share a testimony that comes from our heart. 

Nancy, the golden investigator. Well we haven't seen nacy in these days. She went to church 2 weeks in a row and we saw her everyday, but yesterday she didn't go and we cant really get a hold of her. She was doing everything and very willing, but we did come to realize she wasn't fully understanding the restoration so we did many repasses and invited her to pray about it again so she can gain a testimony. We will continue praying and fasting for her so that she can develop this testimony :) Testimonies aren't huge and heart stopping, but a testimony is the start of conversion. A testimony is like a seed. We have to act in faith, believing we can know the truth. I don't think I've ever testified so much about this being the ONLY true church but I felt that it is EVERY SINGLE TIME. 

The Rodriguez Campero family (recent converts). They are doing great and all is well. They've been on vacation so we haven't seen them. Vero didn't actually lose her job! She continues to work her 2 jobs and Julio Sr is also working. They are progressing and continue to see the Lord's hands in all things :) 

Well that's all I would like to share this week. I'm happy and healthy and also working in some very cold weather haha. But I will tell you time and time again with love and with all the certainty I have that this is the one and only true church . I know Christ is the head of this church and he personally leads and guides us through his Prophet. I believe it. I know it. God lives and his son Jesus Christ lives. We can do all things if we just trust in God. Ask and it shall be given. James 1:5-6 

Hermana C

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Made in Mexico!


This year literally flew by. Seriously I can't even tell you all how FANTASTIC this year was. Seriously incredible. I can't believe we are starting another year. And I cant believe this year I will be heading home. Life moves way to fast. But I feel sooooo blessed. I believe you all know the famous saying "New year, new me" well I can just say amen to that because it's true. My goal last year was "become a Mexican"...maybe I am still 100% american but I feel like many parts of me were made in mexico. Let me tell you some of these things :) 

  • My testimony of the Atonement of Jesus Christ. Not only in the life of those I teach and love, but in my own life. The atonement heals. The atonement strengthens 
  • Legs that don't feel pain. I think the bike has fallen more on me than I have fallen off the bike. Maybe their a little beaten up but I'm good enough to walk and bike to PREACH THE WORD
  • Knowledge of the restored gospel. I definitely didn't understand the majority of the gospel until I actually began to live it 100% 
  • My second language. The gift of tongues has blessed me more than I can comprehend. Not only have I been blessed with Spanish but also to understand the universal language:the spirit. God works miracles in many people. The connection I have felt with the Mexican people has filled my heart with love and joy. 2 different worlds united in the same love for the truth .
  • Many many MANY eternal friendships. With members and with companions. I have ever felt so much confidence in my entire life. The love of Christ has been shown to me through these incredible people 
  • Trust is the Lord. I have always trusted in the Lord but I have learned that my heart should be given to Him. If we give our hearts to the one who can lift us in the hard times we don't have to question if he is listening or not because we know with certainty that he can help us 
  • A love for the Book of Mormon. Daily scripture has taught me that modern day revelation is real and that God has NEVER changed. He will be constant in my life ALWAYS 
  • A stomach that has survived all of the foreign food and the many full plates. Almost mexico has given me a bottomless stomach haha 
  • A true love for the people of Mexico. I love these people with all of my heart. I can say I have learned so much about the saviors love from these kind and generous people. 
  • And lastly, my testimony of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ has become not only something I believe but KNOW. It is part of me. It is in my bones.No one can take this away from me. I know this is the true church. I will never get tired of saying it. It brings joy to my heart to know that God and Christ live and continue to bless me every single day through the eternal truth of the gospel :) 
I love each and every on of you. I am eternally grateful for the support you have given me. For your prayers. For your constant efforts to live better lives. Thank you. Thank you to God for making 2016 a year that has changed my life. It was incredible. And it has come and gone in a blink of an eye. 2017 I'm ready for you! BRING IT ON!!!  

Lots of love
Hermana C