Thursday, August 25, 2016

Holy smokes where does the time go?! Is it even possible that I'm writing yet another email?! wowowow life is crazy!

First of all, MUCHAS GRACIAS for all of the birthday wishes. Crazy that I'm turning 20 right? so pumped to have this birthday here in the mission. The best birthday gift I have been given is the confidence the Lord has in me to be a representative of Jesus Christ and proclaim to his children the true and restored gospel! Oh what a blessing it is!

This week we did an incredible amount of travel to Pachuca. A general authority, one of the 70's from the 1st quorum, visited our mission. Elder Pino is his name. Man was that awesome or what!! It truly was super duper crazy awesome. In this special conference we had, he focused a ton on our calling as missionaries. He used a comparison of 2 mission calls found in doctrine and covenants. The only difference was the name used but it specifically says the call was personal. he explained to us that the calling as a missionary is personal. The Lord has called me, Hermana Cross, to be a missionary. The Lord trusts in me, a imperfect person, to declare the perfection of the atonement of Christ. I have learned in these past months that the Lord does not expect baptism after baptism from his servants. He expects a lot from us. But He does not leave us alone to do His work. We are but instruments in his glorious work.

In that same conference my companion and I were called on the spot by elder Pino to do a practice in front of all the missionaries, Him and the mission president. HOW NERVE WRECKING!! But it was so awesome. I felt so in harmony with my companion even though we only had 1 whole day together. The spirit was strong and we invited these 2 "investigators" to baptism. We searched their needs and invited again. I felt a love for these people very quickly even though they were a senior couple and serve in the offices that played a part. The spirit is real in all situations. But that was a one in a life time experience really haha.  

The following Friday we had a special leadership counsel in which Elder Pino presided. Talk about a powerful counsel! he really dug into the scriptures and we studied them together. We applied them, and we felt the power of the Holy Ghost.More and more in these days, I've felt the power of the holy ghost. And that He not only brings happy feelings to our hearts, but understanding. And thats what I love. He testifies but helping us understand the scriptures. 

We've been searching a lot this week for new people. No one went to church, but without a doubt I know we will have success this cycle. I know it. My dad reminded me that we as missionaries are not only harvesters, but also planters.I couldn't agree more! This work is glorious. It rains a lot, sometimes we fall on bikes (as did my companion this week...and my bike fell on me), people reject the beautiful message, and we get tired. But I know with out a doubt this church is true. Jesus is the Christ. We as missionaries are His representatives and we will do what ever it takes to help those who do not know Him. I love this work. I LOVE IT!!!!

1 Nephi 17
15 Wherefore, I, Nephi, did strive to keep the commandments of the Lord, and did exhort my brethren to faithfulness and diligence.
 51 And now, if the Lord has such great power, and has wrought so many miracles among the children of men,how is it that he cannot instruct me, that should build ship?

The Lord can do all things. Even help us "build a ship".

Hermana Cross

Sometimes the outlets don't work so you pull out the sketchy way to cook rice
A couple of companion might have fallen very hard on
her first full day in San Juan (I'm on the right with my battle wound)

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Understood by the Famous

Hello hello family and friends!!

Super crazy but this week as flown by and guess what? We have had cambios! Yep you read that right! My 3 months with Hna Mori have come to a close and now I'm with Hna Quevedo here in San Juan. She's from the northern part of Mexico. the pattern of a non Mexican companion to a Mexican companion continues!! I'm excited to see what this cycle brings.

So this week is easily described by a famous song that we all know...Hot n' Cold-Katy Perry. And let me tell you why little by little :)

"Cause you're Hot n you're cold"
These past 2 weeks have been nuts in the weather. Super rainy one week and this week BLAZING hot. And I mean scorching. I have been sweating more than I would like haha. Mexico just doesn't want to decide.

"your'e yes then you're no"
This part I'm not super thrilled to be telling. If you've been keeping up with me you have heard a little about Cesar and Elena. Well, I'm sad to tell you that they have officially dropped us. We showed up at our lesson, planning to talk about marriage, but after verifying their reading they became quiet. We said the prayer and they began to tell us that they are going to attend their old church. There are some personal reasons that they don't want to attend with us anymore. It's heart breaking when I know they have felt the spirit and the truth of the message but they choose to deny it. It was a good run and I learned a lot from them and really did learn to love them from the Lord's point of view. 

There are some great people ready to learn though. Some old investigators that are seeing true miracles and seeing how the Lord works in HIS time. He has answered there many prayers. When you hear an investigator...or better said a couple who are investigators bare testimony, it just brings a special spirit that I cant describe. It's beautiful. 

"you're in then you're out, you're up then you're down"
As I was saying, this week was super hot. We had a ton of lessons with members. A lot of members don't have here's where I come in and my bike saves the day. For 3 days straight I carried some YW on my bike pegs. And you got it. we went up all of those hills....then we got to cruise down all of the hills :)

I know it was just part of the song but I thought it was the best way to describe the week haha. I have felt super blessed in these past 3 months. I learned an incredible amount with Hna Mori. These changes come and they go. But the most important thing is that we enjoy every moment that the Lord has given us. we cant turn back time, but we can remember how we have used our time. 

Love you all!!!
Hna Cross

My granddaughter, me and my daughter
Last district class with the best district ever!
The Cruz Family!
Cambios.  The struggle of transportation
Hermana Quevedo and I

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Late Nights and Early Mornings

Okay wow again i am very short on time. These weeks have been nuts! But I'm doing super super
great I promise! this week it was filled with traveling. And lots of it. We went to another area or zone every day this week. All starting with Monday. I think Sunday was our only free day because today we went to Pachuca as well to renew some of my visa stuff and also ate some super delish chinese food.ANYWAY. It rained a ton this week. and I mean a ton. We got drenched. Some people offered us dry clothes but we kindly declined because every time we left a house it began to start again. We entered a house and yeah no rain. But you gotta love it haha. It's still pouring rain right now. Its that time of year. You would think it would be blazing hot (and sometimes it is) but that's how you know its going to dump rain. It just helps you see all of the beauty of the earth! 

As for investigators, we have found some new people! lots of potential...but no one wants to go to church. They are all younger folk and so I think it's just hard for them to wrap their mind around everything. But all is in the time of the Lord :) Elena and Cesar couldn't go to church and well it's getting into a rough patch. They don't want to accept baptism nor a date. Stuck on their traditions. But all will come.  

We did have zone training and a leadership counsel. super fun. but lots and lots of small reminders. It took up the majority of the time (like 2 hours haha). But I'm really enjoying what's happening in the mission. 

Just becoming a mission full of true I love it. I love the culture of Christ!! 

That's basically everything in a nutshell! Love you all! 

And I invite you all to study and ponder Alma 5:26-29. It hit me hard this morning in my studies and I love it.  Ahhhh the scriptures are so great! 

Love Hermana Cross

Leadership Counsel
Some of my generation at the leadership counsel
Hermana Haddock and I
My district leader in a drawing in the Liahona
Iron Kid!
A member's kid & I....such a cutie patootie!

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Confidence Boost

Time is really fast. And time is really short today haha. So I'm going to jump right into the good stuff.

Well there wasn't a lot that happened this week. It was strangely a normal week. I feel like I've never had a normal week. Its strange as well because we had 2 intercambios but who knows haha. This week just flew by. Without a doubt. There were some cool experiences though. 

We are still teaching Elena and Cesar. The only bummer deal is that they don't want to accept a baptism date. They went to church yesterday and they stayed for all three hours this time! That was super awesome.The 2 of them have more confidence in us and in the lessons. That's super cool. They participate more and are more interested. Also, Elena´s son actually sat down for an entire lesson!!! That has NEVER happened. He has a small (large) problem with drugs, and has always avoided us and never really talked with us. But a miracle has happened!! He now talks with us and listened for the whole lesson. It made me incredibly happy. I also held one of their new baby goats. That was fantastic. 
here are just some other fun facts of the week:
  • a catholic woman invited us to attend her mass so we could eaat the barbacoa she was making
  • people take our contacts as a joke...but oyu just shake it off and keep contacting!!!
  • for the first time ever we had 3 different members join us to visit
  • I gave an unprepared talk in church. I talked about the phrase "Lord, is it I" and well....maybe I gave the ward a little bit of a strong talking...oops! But really we need to look at our own faults instead those of others  
I think that's about it! Sorry everyone probably one of the lamer emails haha but I love you all!!!

Hna Cross