Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Cloud 9


Let's just say I am filled with sooooooooo much joy I can't even explain it! I have been so incredible
blessed in this past week. First of all, this is not my last email, so no worries there. I'm a little short on time so this will be real quick...sorry about that.

Last week I think I was kind of wishy washy. There are a lot of feelings I'm discovering in these days haha. But this week, everything changed, starting with Monday in the evening. I felt maybe a little discouraged. I was reflecting on word of my mission President and didn't feel super confident with what I read. As now, reflecting again on his words, I see that they were beyond inspired and exactly what I needed. Anyway, that night I decided to say a very heart felt prayer to my heavenly father. Really begging and pleading for the help I needed. But as I have learned, I mentioned that it wasn't what I wanted but what HE wanted.

The next morning I was ready to work! And that's what we did all week. Work work and more work. We found new investigators and almost all accepted a baptismal date. We had 3 days straight of intercambios so that got a little heavy. Also I had my last of many things: leadership council and zone training. It was such a wonderful opportunity to share my testimony in these settings. I can see that really my testimony has grown so much. Such a true blessing. The holy Ghost seriously just does incredible things!

And now the last thing to write that makes me feel like I'm on cloud 9.

There is a recent convert family...the Family Cruz Aguilar. The dad Isaias was baptized first then 3 months later Coral (in September) and the twins were baptized. The only one left is Fernanda. Well, we have invited her many times and have done many things to help her make the decision to be baptized. After talking with her very directly we were able to put the baptism date 11 de Marzo. she accepted. There were many good signs showing her interest in being baptized this last week (keep in mind she never wanted to. Always said "No it's because I don’t want to" also she is 13) BUT Last night we passed by and Coral said "Hermana we have news" I was a little confused and comes the best part...she said, "Fernanda has decided to be baptized!" WOWOWOWOW!!! seriously this is a true MIRACLE! Fernanda has never said yes. I cried from the joy I felt and man I can't believe it.  miracles are real. I know it. I'm so grateful with my Heavenly Father for helping me and for helping Fer. I'm grateful for the inspired words my president wrote me last week because those words helped me say this heartfelt prayer. I'm grateful for Coral and Isaias and the twins for being faithful in the church. I'm grateful for every single missionary that has had contact with Fernanda. God uses us as his hands and miracles are brought to pass by the work of many. He used many people in this miracle and I know that God LOVES ME AND EVERY SINGLE PERSON! Wow. I'm so happy

LIFE IS GOOD MY FRIENDS!!! I love missionary work and I love God more than words can describe. Thanks for all you do for me!! LOVE YOUUUU!!!

Hermana Cross

Leadership Training
Bearing testimony

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  1. Sound like you are finishing on an incredible high! Good work! What great experiences you have had! Love ya, Lynn