Tuesday, March 14, 2017

'Til We Meet Again

My loving and dear friends and family,

The time had arrived that I am now writing my last email. I can't even believe that 18 months have come and gone. I'm sitting here with 3 other sisters that are leaving and it all seems....normal. Nothing seems to be different. We are still missionaries and are still doing our normal Monday activities. Shop, write and eat. But what I think we all can feel is that the time God has given us to serve Him as representatives of His son Jesus Christ has come to a close. This email gives me a chance to reflect on the many experiences I have had here in Mexico. I will share a few feelings with you but words will never be able to describe the profound feelings of my heart.

First of all, thank you. MUCHAS GRACIAS! I thank you all for keeping up with ne and for caring so much. I have felt your true and sincere prayers. I know the Lord has blessed you during this time and I thank each and every one of you for the time and love you have invested in me. Thank you. I also thank my Heavenly Father for every month, week, day, hour, minute and second that he gave me. He has trusted in ME, a very imperfect girl. But this trust has lead me to trust in HIM more than any other person. I have never felt so much love in all of my life. God is so perfect. God is good. He is a loving Father in Heaven. He knows each one of us and knows exactly what we need so that we can be happy.

And now....I don't seem to have to adequate words in this moment. I have typed and retyped this email but it doesn't seem to say exactly what I feel. I have tried to make it funny, spiritual, and even just normal! but guess what? It just isn't working out that way haha. Here is the reality, I'm happy, very very very happy but I feel empty because I left my heart in many parts of the Misión México Pachuca. I have nothing more to give. I have given my heart to these incredible hard working and loving people of Mexico. I have given my heart to my God and my Savior. I am a new person. I have the same name, the same personality, a little bit of the same looks, but I am different. I am Hermana Katrina Kae Cross and I am a disciple of Christ, I am His servant. I am his hands here on earth. I am here to serve Him and to love Him just as he has commanded us to do.  I have a testimony that is in my blood and in my bones. I feel the truthfulness of this restored gospel in every moment. I know without a doubt that the Atonement of Jesus Christ is REAL. It is so real that I can't say more than Hallelujah because we have a Savior that has done the unthinkable and the impossible for an imperfect human being but He did what only the perfect Son of God could do. He sacrificed himself to save ALL mankind. It brings tears to my eyes just imagining the grand love that he brings us that he gives freely to us. 

We can be happy and have JOY here on earth. I have experienced just a sliver of this great joy in these past 18 months.I have learned that it is not easy to follow Christ but it is worth it. We may think that He asks a lot of us, but what he asks is little compared to the great gift of eternal life he promises us.Families can be together forever. I know it. I feel it. I've seen it. The Holy Ghost leads and guides us but we have to pay close attention so we don't miss what God wants us to do. He is the constant companion that teaches us the truths of God. I have seen miracles.

 I have been a witness of Christ for 18 months. I feel like Joseph Smith sharing his testimony and add my testimony to His. Jesus Christ LIVES. He is the Savior of the World. This is His Church. The gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored again and the power of the priesthood is here on Earth to help us make covenants and return to the presence of our Heavenly Father. I know these things to be true because the Holy Ghost has testified to me that they are true and real and eternal.

18 months. 8 companions. 4 areas. 1 mission. The biggest blessing up until this moment had been being able to serve with all my heart might mind and strength. And as Paul said " I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith." (2 Timothy 4:7). There is much more to come. I know it. Now is the time to sign off and finish. Again, thank you. I love you very much. May God bless every single one of you.

With all my love,
Hermana Cross
September 2015 - March 2017

Looks like Pachuca was preparing me to go home!

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  1. Well done, thou good and faithful servant!
    Love, Lynn