Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Rules and revelation

Hello family and friends!

Another great week here in villas! We had 2 intercambios this week so that made the week seem to fly! These next weeks are going to be super crazy and so I can only imagine that they are going to fly by before I can even come to understand whats happening haha 

This week I had the chance to meet awesome people.  And I mean these people are awesome because they have had some pretty hard lives and keep on going!!! They understand “Endure to the end.” With the intercambios there were a little bit of difficulties but it all worked out okay. Usually we both go to one area when it’s super far and costs a lot but there was a change of rules. I wasn’t super happy with that change of rule but after my personal prayer, I felt that it was necessary for one of us to stay in our own area. Let me tell you that revelation is real. It ended up being a very great and successful day. I had the chance to work with Hermana Pineda in villas. Just like old times! Man I love that girl. She reminds me that I need to listen and follow the spirit ALWAYS. 

We found a man that has had one heck of a life. He has a very strong sickness and other problems but he received the prayer with an open heart and at the end he was crying. Tears of the spirit.  Also  a lady we couldn’t find for a lot of time was home and super receptive and accepted  baptismal date! I knew in that moment that’s why we had a change of rules. Also in this week, Hermana Rodriguez and I met another family that’s super awesome. The dad used to smoke but after problems in his feet (2 toes amputated) he gave up smoking and wants us to keep visiting them. I FEEL THE PROGRESS!! During my mission, I haven’t had the chance to be an eye witness to the fruits of my labor but I’ve heard of the fruits and that’s what brings joy to my heart. It’s very possible that I won’t see another baptism in my area but I know the Lord is always blessing me with new opportunities to learn and to grow. I know success is just around the corner!! I know it’s there J

Have a great week!!! I LOVE YOU ALL!!!! 
Hermana Cross

Cristo Rey
The Family Cruz that took us to Cristo Rey
(I say they are my Aunt & Uncle - ha ha)
My lovely companion and I!
Ran into more Sisters!
Hermana Rodriguez and I selfie!

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