Wednesday, February 22, 2017

JW Style

Hello lovely people!!

It was a very good week! Every week is a good week though! I'm happy as can be!!! And yep some of you might have heard from my parents but I now have my flight plans. WOO. Trunky papers! Just kidding. it just helps me feel even more excited to see you all :) I don't feel trunky at all. We just keep working hard and we keep on looking for those who are looking for the truth! 

This week there were a few moments that are worth sharing. On Saturday there was a stake youth
Stake Youth Missionary Youth Activity
activity. It was a day in the shoes of a missionary. they had little workshops and then we as missionaries showed up. We all split up in our wards and worked with the young women of the ward. We all split up and took different parts of our area to contact and know more people. it was a blast! We found great people and it was awesome to work with the sisters that are preparing to go on missions and even be with some of the sisters that have returned from their missions. We might have all looked like JWs but that's okay! Just trying to get out and preach the true word! it was a blessing to hear the  testimonies of the sisters and see how they really were spiritually strengthened that day. being a member missionary is the best!

We also had our first intercambios of the cycle. We went almost 3 weeks without having one and so I felt a little rusty but it turned out great. During those intercambios I just had a constant spiritual reminder that I love being a missionary. I felt it in every moment i talked to someone. It was like a hug from God telling me that this was the right choice. Maybe I didn't ever receive my answer 100% to go on a mission but I know that it was a test of my faith and her I am! And I know with all of my heart the answer was "yes." that was by far the best feeling of the week. 

Also i learned that family history is SO COOL. yesterday we were helping a recent convert with her family tree. She hasn't done a lot because she said she got overwhelmed with so many papers the sister wanted her to fill out. We pulled out her iPad and opened up family search. she started out typing the name of her grandpa. We added it to her tree and just by doing that, her tree expanded until her great great grandparents!!! We were all soooo excited! The look of her face was priceless. the spirit of family history is just wow.Seriously a spirit I've never felt!  Coming to know your ancestors is a true blessing! 

Well that's just a little bit of my week! I've truly felt the love of the savior in many moments and in many ways. his love is ALWAYS present. We just have to open our hearts to feel it :) I love you all!!!!

Hermana Cross

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  1. Yes, family history is awesome and so are you for serving a great mission! Wish we could be there when you report. Love ya, Lynn