Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Like grandmother like grandaughter


I have a whole bunch of super fun news for you all. This week just flew by! But what week doesn't just come and go?

I don't know exactly how to start!! You would think after so many months I would be more creative but nope haha 

Ice Cream Churros!!
Well, I'll start with the thing everyone is probably wondering about: my passport. On Wednesday we hit the road pretty late in the afternoon and arrived in Mexico City in the late evening. We ate tacos (of course) and ate some really delish ice cream sandwiches made out of churros (talk about diabetes). Then on Thursday morning (we didn't go to the temple because that's a "leaving missionaries" type of deal) we headed out early to go to the embassy, WOO. it took an hour and a half to go about 6 miles :D!! so fun. Then we entered into the embassy and stepped on so called American soil. It was pretty nice talking about legal stuff in English. We got in and out without problems. We were there about 3-4 hours. there were major miracles. Turns out the main guy helping us is a member and he was a HUGE help. We all walked out with out passports in hand (well in our backpacks but you know what I mean haha). So don't worry everyone, I will be a-okay heading home haha

La mission mexico pachuca
Also, we had a super awesome worldwide missionary broadcast. They talked about teaching repentance and baptizing converts. SUPER cool. It was like if we were watching a council. The spirit was amazing. And not to mention it was the first time that we all gathered together as a mission!! The prophets taught a lot and it helped me realize that we have a lot more work to do. Also that the gospel principles aren't separated but intertwined. Also (more big news for us) we had a change in our schedule!! I wont go into a lot of detail because I don't really have time....but! I'm SO PUMPED! We've started it and wow it's just been incredible. The prophets have thought about it for 6 months so it wasn't just a shot in the dark. Wow. Revelation is AWESOME!!

Finally, here I am writing this email on the first Monday of my last transfer. yep that's right. In 6 weeks I'll be heading home. But no worries, I'm not even close to feeling trunky! But I didn't have cambios. I'm still here in Villas and I will finish here. I do have a new companion though! Her name is Hermana Rodriguez and she's from El Salvador. Fun fact! She's my mission granddaughter!!!! Now that's super cool. The Lord is watching over me BIG TIME! He knows just what I need! These are going to be just the best 6 weeks everrrrrrrr.

I just want to share a small testimony of what was strengthened even more this week. I know that God is our loving heavenly father. He knows us by NAME. Every single one of us. He knows where we are, what we are going through and most important, who we can become. We can become even as he is. I know he loves me and he loves each and every one of you. he allows miracles to happen so that more than one person can learn in the process. Jesus Christ is his son, our redeemer, our older brother. He suffered and died so he can understand us. But he arose the 3rd day. He lives! The plan of salvation is real. The book of Mormon is the word of God. This church is true.

Have a wonderful week!! LOVE YOU ALL!!!

Hermana Cross

PS - I did get sick this week too...with a fever and a cough with was such a blessing to have 2 companions. Such a good team and good people. they took care of me worries!!! Still getting over the sickness but it's all good :)

My Granddaughter/Companion
I wasn't feeling too great and it was cold so what's better
than working with my poncho under my jacket?
(ps... my companions didn't let me)

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